Albert Raass is buried in Mt. Elliott Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.  Albert died of consumption (tuberculosis) in 1873 at the young age of 17 years old.  He is the youngest child and the only child of Joseph & Anna Raass to have been born in America (the rest of the family was born in Austria.)  His family was devastated at his death, and each of his siblings named their next male child “Albert” in memory of him.

The first Albert to be born 8 months later was Albert Schulte to Wilhelmina Raass and August Schulte.  The next Albert to be born in December of 1874 was Albert Rischert to Magdelana Raass & Charles Rischert.  And the last Albert to be born was to Elisabeth Degenfelder & Henry Raass in 1875.  His memorial is posted at Find-A-Grave.

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  • Raass Descendent says:

    By any chance do you know what happened with the other two Alberts? The one born to Wilhelmina and Magdelana? We know Albert Raass’ history, the one born to Henry & Elisabeth but curious about the other two.

    Great post, thank you

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