On This Day … 3 August

1877 – Joseph Hincka was born in Posen, Michigan 136 years ago to Frank Hincka & Dorothea Dettloff.  (great-granduncle)

1891 – Bessie Gorski was born in Warsaw, Poland 122 years ago to Frank Gorski & Alexandra Juszynski.  (great-grandmother)

1909 – Edward Hallman was born in Michigan 104 years ago to August Hallman & Mary Lotty Gawalecki.  (1st cousin 2x removed)

1929 – Bertha Oldfield died 84 years ago in Downers Grove, Illinois.  She was 40 years old.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

1930 – Anthony S. Ostrowski died 83 years ago in Detroit, Michigan.  He as 40 years old.  (great-granduncle)

If you have information about any of these people or if you would like more information, please contact me!

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