On This Day … 20 January

1878 – Alfred Garlick was born in Lemont, Illinois 136 years ago to Thomas Garlick & Eliza Clark.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

1888 – Leo Chesney was born in Merritt, Michigan 126 years ago to Frank Chesney & Maria Bruier.

1891 – Walter Kessler was born in Detroit, Michigan 123 years ago to William Kessler & Catherine Hengstebeck.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

1907 – Anna Kolar was born in Detroit, Michigan 107 years ago to Joseph Kolar & Antonina Barczak.

1908 – Julia Ostrowski was born in Detroit, Michigan 106 years ago to John Ostrowski & Frances Karschnia.  (great-grandaunt)

1944 – Christina Kwart Ciesinski died 70 years ago at 88 years old.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

If you have information about any of these people or if you would like more information, please contact me!

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