Garlick Carrie LOHMEYER – 1979, died in Dade, Florida 38 years ago when she was 92 years old.  (wife of Robert GARLICK, 2nd cousin 3x removed)

GRUBBA John – 1889, died in Detroit, Michigan 128 years ago when he was 29 years old.  (husband of Marianna OSTROWSKI, 2nd great-grandaunt)

KLEPACZYK Joseph – 1889, married Annie KONIECZNY in Detroit, Michigan 128 years ago.

KOZNIACKI Frances – 1876, born in Prussia 141 years ago.  (wife of Joseph KWART, 2nd great-granduncle)

LENNEMANN William – 1852, born in Westphalia, Michigan 165 years ago to Franz Lennemann & Elisabeth SCHULTE.  (1st cousin 5x removed)

OSTROWSKI Casimir – 1821, married Marianna HERT in Putzig, Prussia 196 years ago.  (4th great-grandparents)

OSTROWSKI Lorraine – 1918, born in East Detroit, Michigan 99 years ago to Anthony Ostrowski & Emma RUHLMAN.  (1st cousin 2x removed)

RAASS Albert – 1954, married Emma BARTON in Canada 63 years ago.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

Sinyard Vada DICKENS (Novitch) – 1969, died 48 years ago when she was 50 years old.  (wife of William SINYARD, great uncle)

If you have information about any of these people or if you would like more information, please contact me!

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