Within the past couple of weeks 20 new research groups have been created!

If you are ACTIVELY researching any of these families and willing to chime in here and there and share your family history with the group, please feel free to join!

Each group has a description with an ancestor and his family listed. Please know that the group is not exclusive to that particular family but to all researchers of that family’s ancestors & siblings!

To be sure you receive all messages for the group, click on “Notifications” and then “All Posts.”

The groups were all recently created so there may not be a lot of activity, but you are free to post and add other researchers of those families!

A few new groups may be coming soon: Hincka (Presque Isle) Kessler & Schulte (Detroit)

Here’s the list:

Abare / Hebert Family
https://www.facebook.com/groups/NewYorkAbare/ (aka Hebert)
This family is huge so I started with Toussaint Abare & Catherine Boire (Henri).

Anglewicz (English) Family
(Bay & Wayne counties in Michigan)

Assmann Family
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Assmann/ (aka Asman) I started with Mathias Aschmann. (Detroit & Port Huron).

Benson Family
(Black River, Michigan)
This family is large so I started with William Benson who married Margaret Spragg & Margaret Monette.

Bittles Family
(Ireland & Lemont, Illinois)

Booth & McKay Families
(Ontario, Canada & Michigan)
I started with Isaac Booth & Margaret McKay.

Chesney Family
(Bay County, Michigan)
I started with Frank Chesney who married Louise Schroeder & Mary Bruier.

Flewelling Family
(New Brunswick, Michigan & Maine)
Another large family so I started with Nehemiah Flewelling who married Sarah Sharpe.

Gardner Family
(New York & Sanilac, Michigan)
Starting out with Stephen & Josette Gardner.

Hallman Family
(Presque Isle & Detroit)
This family is large so I started with Anton Hallman who married Henrietta Kreft & Catherine Kwart.

Hawley Family
This family is huge so I started with William Hawley who came from New York.

Hoeninghausen Family
(Detroit, Michigan)

Kwart Family
John Kwart Family of Detroit.

LaFleur Family
(Alpena & Alcona Michigan)
This family is huge so I started with Peter LaFleur who married Catherine Dagenais & Odile Sicard.

Lapan Family
This family is huge so I started with Antoine Lapan who married Julie Barriere & Sophie Gibeau.

Ostrowski & Lachowsky Families
There are many Ostrowski in the Detroit area so I started with Casimir Ostrowski who married Marianna Hert.

Raass Family
Joseph Raass family of Detroit.

Ross & Myers Family
(Bay County, Michigan)
This is a large family with a common name so I started with Isaac Ross who married Margaret Myers.

Sinyard & Garlick Families
https://www.facebook.com/groups/Sinyard/ (Illiniois)
There are many Sinyards in the south, but ours are north so I started with John Bell Sinyard who married Eliza Garlick.

Tye Family
(Sanilac, Michigan & Missouri)
This is a large family so I starting with Tuffield Tye who married Mary Gardner & Sarah Golledge.

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