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I have never blogged before, but I have decided to set up three blogs… yes, THREE blogs!  I haven’t yet determined if I am crazy or just incredibly naive.

I am a genealogist living in an old farmhouse and collecting antiques (and cats!) and working in a library!  I use Legacy software, and I am very detail oriented and love sources!  Not only do I enjoy family research, but now I have added my house to my quest!

Happy Searching!

~ Lisa


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  • Mina Raass:

    Hi Lisa!
    I saw your blog come up with my last name and a Wilhelmina Raass and, well, I inherited the name..shortened. I’m sure you get loads of email’s from my family members. Just thought I’d say hello, introduce myself, and looking forward to your research. I’ve always been interested in the Raass family tree as we’re the Tongan branch. Our great-grandad, Albert Henry Raass, hooked up with our Tongan grandmama and all of us are scattered here, there, and everywhere. I currently reside in England. All the best in your research.


  • Terry:

    I am researching my ancestors Samuel Bittles and Lydia Moore Hodges. Lydia died on December 12, 1883 but where? Do you know>


    • Lisa:

      Hi, Terry! We’ve made contact with each other via Ancestry. I have the same death date, but dang it if I can remember where I got the information from. In 1880 the family lived in Quarry Township, Illinois, so that is a good starting point for us. Do you have any photographs of them or the family? I do not have any, but I have Samuel and Lydia’s marriage license.

  • Lisa, I am so excited. who was your dad and mother? My parents were robert and Joan Bittles. We have 7 children and 2 half brothers. My grandfather Leslie was a twin to Lester Bittles and James was his brother and Helen his sister. Can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks so much for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Leslie Bittles Rosenberger

  • Therese "Tess" Mickelsen:

    Hi Lisa! I just found you on Facebook, and even if we’re not related, you are doing a wonderful job … thank you! I wish I had more time to devote to this family research. But the burning quest for me has always been my great grandfather, Ignatius Durecki. I don’t see that surname here, but some of the other names look familiar. Any ideas? Tess

    • Lisa:

      Hello, Tess! Durecki… I have a couple of those in the family. I have a Dorothy Durecki who married Joseph Hallman, and I have a Frank Durecki who married Frances Hincka. Both those Durecki’s lived up in the Presque Isle area. Where is your great grandfather from? I’ll send this to your email as well. ~ Lisa

  • Linda Serna:

    I am looking for more information on Alexander Kolar, who died from accidental drowning on 13 Sep 1906. I am specifically looking for more details about the drowning. I am also looking for the parents of his mother, Francis Anglewicz. I believe Alexander had a sister Helen who was taken in by my grandparents, Basil and Mathilda Treppa and Helen married Basil’s brother Alois. Any information you or anyone can give me, especially regarding Anglewicz, is much appreciated.

    • Lisa:

      Hi, Linda! I only have his death certificate but I will be there is a story in the newspaper! I looked in my database, and I did find a Helen Kolar who married an “Alvis” Treppa in 1916. I do not know much about them. Are you looking for anything in particular? I have Frances Anglewicz death certificate, and her mother is listed as unknown and her father is listed as John Freda. Hmmmmm. I will send this message to your email as well. ~ Lisa

  • susan:

    looking for information on Julius Grubbs. Died in Jackson, no in 1951. Please help if you can

    • Lisa:

      Morning! I do not have a Julius Grubbs in my family tree at all. Try familysearch.org and see if you can find his death certificate. They have death certificates (no images) from 1921 until 1952. I certainly hope you find him!

  • Susan:

    You asked about John Witzling (born 1.19.1900) and Julia Liske Witzling (born 4.07.1894). They were my maternal grandparents. John was a life-long resident of Royal Oak, MI. His family owned a farm at 11 Mile & Campbell Road. They married on August 20, 1920. (Gramma spoke of the “Kwart” family. If I remember correctly, that was her Mother’s maiden name.) They had five daughters – Irene Barkume, Marie Murphy & Genny Price (twins), Eileen Rance and Julie Sherwood. I am Irene’s daughter, Susan. My Mother just passed the end of March at 93 years old. We lost five family members this past year. Aunt Marie & Aunt Genny just turned 90 and are still with us. Nice to meet you; let me know if you need further information.

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