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It’s time for a change!  I had not updated my website in almost 5 years and decided it
was time for a whole new look and idea.  I have never blogged before, but I have decided to set up three blogs… yes, THREE blogs!  I haven’t yet determined if I am crazy or just incredibly naive.


I am a married gal who is absolutely blessed to work in a library surrounded by books!  Genealogy and history and old things in general are my passions. Wouldn’t you know it that I live in an old farmhouse that was built in the 1880′s?  Not only do I enjoy family research, but now I have added my house to my quest!


I enjoy a full home with my Love, my stepson, 4 cats, 2 dogs and a tank of fish.  I make no promises as to what to expect here… I have no agenda or organizational method in place though I do hope to post at least twice per week.. maybe more.


I’m really excited about the new look!  Since my passion is of times past and genealogy, I decided to stick with those topics.  I would love to hear from you lisa@simplylisa.net!

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  • Mina Raass:

    Hi Lisa!
    I saw your blog come up with my last name and a Wilhelmina Raass and, well, I inherited the name..shortened. I’m sure you get loads of email’s from my family members. Just thought I’d say hello, introduce myself, and looking forward to your research. I’ve always been interested in the Raass family tree as we’re the Tongan branch. Our great-grandad, Albert Henry Raass, hooked up with our Tongan grandmama and all of us are scattered here, there, and everywhere. I currently reside in England. All the best in your research.


  • Terry:

    I am researching my ancestors Samuel Bittles and Lydia Moore Hodges. Lydia died on December 12, 1883 but where? Do you know>


    • Lisa:

      Hi, Terry! We’ve made contact with each other via Ancestry. I have the same death date, but dang it if I can remember where I got the information from. In 1880 the family lived in Quarry Township, Illinois, so that is a good starting point for us. Do you have any photographs of them or the family? I do not have any, but I have Samuel and Lydia’s marriage license.

  • Lisa, I am so excited. who was your dad and mother? My parents were robert and Joan Bittles. We have 7 children and 2 half brothers. My grandfather Leslie was a twin to Lester Bittles and James was his brother and Helen his sister. Can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks so much for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely Leslie Bittles Rosenberger

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