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On This Day … 15 March

1862 – John BARNES was born in Lemont, Illinois 152 years ago to John Barnes & Margaret REID.

1902 – Vito MARTINICO was born in Italy 112 to Antonio Martinico & Benedetta POMA.

1904 – Lillian KENYON was born in Archer, Iowa 110 years ago.  (wife of John Austin SINYARD, 1st cousin 3x removed – paternal)

1936 – Anna KLEPACZYK STRNAD died from a stroke 78 years ago in Detroit, Michigan at 53 years old.

1957 –  Paul CHESNEY died 57 years ago in Ohio at 65 years old.

1987 – James DALY died 27 years ago in Detroit, Michigan at 95 years old.  (1st cousin 3x removed – maternal)

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