Frank Hincka traveled with Anton Detloff and his family in 1873 to New York.  Once the family arrived in Detroit, Frank married their daughter Dorothea, and from there they moved up to Presque Isle County, Michigan.  (I intend to add more information here with documents, etc.)

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  • Pam Hincka:

    Hi Lisa,

    I came across a post on facebook and it then brought me here… I was just curious what is your link to the Hincka family? It didn’t appear that you had a whole lot of information on this site, do you have some elsewhere? Is there anything I can help provide?

    My dad was Louis Hincka (married Eileen McDermott – 4 kids), his dad Anthony Hincka (married Elizabeth Romel – 15 kids), his dad Anthony Hincka (married Cecelia Strzelecki) – all around Posen, MI.

    I am very interested in this stuff, too. Would love to see what we could come up with!



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