Johann Kwart married Eva Boyke when they lived in Germany.   She died at 41 year old, and surviving her were 4 daughters and her husband.  Johann then married Rosalie Bolda and they had 5 sons and a daughter who died young.  The blended family immigrated in 1876 to America arriving in New York and traveling to Detroit.  Johann & Eva’s daughter Catherine married Anton Hallman who’s wife had died leaving him with 3 children.  (I intend to add more information here with documents, etc.)

Kwart Life Spouse Father Mother
Anthony 1866 – 1912 Rose Reinhaardt John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


August 1864 – 1887 Never Married John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


Catherine 1847 – 1913 Anton Hallman John Kwart Eva Boyke


Christina 1854 – 1944 John Ciesinski John Kwart Eva Boyke


Eva 1857 – ? Frank Liska John Kwart Eva Boyke


John 1818 – 1891 1. Eva Boyke
2. Rosalie Bolde


John Jr. 1870 – ? Martha Kraus John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


Joseph 1873 – 1952 Frances Kozniacki John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


Julianna 1859 – 1932 Ignatz Buchkowski John Kwart Eva Boyke


Michael 1868 – ? John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


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  • Andy Kwart:

    My great grandparents are Joseph Kwart and Frances Kozniacki, and my great great grandparents are John Kwart and Rosalie Bolde from Germany. That is as far back as I could trace my family tree. I was surprised to find their names on your website. Would you happen to know the names of their parents or other ancestors? Some of our family records have the name Quart instead of Kwart. We have not been able to figure out if it was a misprint on the documents or if the family name really was spelled like that at some point in time. Any info you have would be appreciated. Thanks.

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