Johann Kwart married Eva Boyke when they lived in Germany.   She died at 41 year old, and surviving her were 4 daughters and her husband.  Johann then married Rosalie Bolda and they had 5 sons and a daughter who died young.  The blended family immigrated in 1876 to America arriving in New York and traveling to Detroit.  Johann & Eva’s daughter Catherine married Anton Hallman who’s wife had died leaving him with 3 children.  (I intend to add more information here with documents, etc.)

Kwart Life Spouse Father Mother
Anthony 1866 – 1912 Rose Reinhaardt John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


August 1864 – 1887 Never Married John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


Catherine 1847 – 1913 Anton Hallman John Kwart Eva Boyke


Christina 1854 – 1944 John Ciesinski John Kwart Eva Boyke


Eva 1857 – ? Frank Liska John Kwart Eva Boyke


John 1818 – 1891 1. Eva Boyke
2. Rosalie Bolde


John Jr. 1870 – ? Martha Kraus John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


Joseph 1873 – 1952 Frances Kozniacki John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


Julianna 1859 – 1932 Ignatz Buchkowski John Kwart Eva Boyke


Michael 1868 – ? John Kwart Rosalie Bolde


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