Vaclav Strnad & Anastasia Faitel arrived in the states about 1893, and they resided in Detroit.  Their son Ludwig married Anna Klepaczyk, and Ludwig & Anna’s son, Alois, married Frances Kolar.  (I intend to add more information and documentation here.)


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  • Victoria Strnad Mowrey:

    I’m so happy to find someone researching my maiden name!! One of my cousins sent one of you photos on FaceBook & so I did some researchinng on my own to find your website.
    I don’t know much about this side of the family so anything I learn is thrilling! Dad didn’t talk much about his family (he isn’t a talker) He is the baby of 3 boys born to Alois & Francis Strnad. I’m his only child!
    Please let me know of any new info you discover & I’ll help what little I know 😉

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