The Raass family has always seemed so tragic to me as they had quite a few deaths in a very short time.  They family immigrated from Austria, Joseph arriving first in 1849.  Anna arrived later with their 4 children.  Their daughter Wilhelmina (Mina) married August Schulte who was a German immigrant and arrived in the United States as a young child.  (I intend to add more information here with documents, etc.)

Raass Life Spouse Father Mother
Albert 1855 – 1873 Never Married Joseph Raass Anna Conrad


Albert 1875 – 1971 Augusta Ziegelman Henry Raass Elisabeth Degenfelder


Clinton Reed 1908 -1933 Never Married Albert Raass Augusta Ziegelman


Henry 1849 – 1894 Elisabeth Degenfelder Joseph Raass Anna Conrad


Joseph 1815 – 1884 Anna Conrad  


Magdalena 1846 – 1928 Charles Rischert Joseph Raass Anna Conrad


Maria Elisabeth 1880 – 1960 John Archibald Allen Henry Raass Elisabeth Degenfelder


Wilhelmina 1.) August Schulte
2.) Henry Birklebach
Joseph Raass Anna Conrad 
Wilhelmina 1877 – ? Andrew Fisher Henry Raass Elisabeth Degenfelder


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  • my name is etina rose hingano my surname is Hafoka. I am the daughter of Taniela Otukolo Hafoka child number either 19 or 20 of Tevita Hafokame’e and Edna Rose Raass. Edna R. Raass is the oldest of the 9 children of Albert Henry Raass and Loseli Fangapulotu from one of the surrounding islands of vava’u in Tonga…. He came to tonga on Peace corps. or something like that..
    and Siale (charles Raass) was not only the oldest of the boys was the oldest of all the children of Albert and Loseli……. so there was Albert, Edna, Henry, Maybel, Josephine, Louisa, John, lile or lilly and a son named Lolo……

    • Lisa:

      Hi, Etina! Very interesting family, though I am not sure if there is a connection unless it is further back. I’ll write you privately. 🙂

  • edna rose raass had 2 children before she married grandpa hafokame’e. she had Elizabeth and Albert Henry Raass. then she married grandpa haf0ka and had 24 children My father taniela otukolo hafoka was number 20 or 19. My father taniela otukolo hafoka died in Lahaina maui march 13, 1990 at the age of 44. he was born June 15 1945. he and my mom melenaite tupouto’a from neiafu vava’u island had lou’ulu, etina (edna), Finau ikuvalu, melenaite hafoka, tokilupe hafoka, and danielle hafoka. we still love in lahaina maui. feel free to contact me at fb: etina Hingano or 808-214-7606

  • Mounga Takai Holakeituai:

    Hello Im 15years old.. Daughter of Takai Holakeituai Son of Peni ehich is the son of Takai n meipele holakeituai. I live in hawaii..i was raised up with mepo lahi since i wad a lil girl.. My papa always tells me story about our family n stuff

    • Lisa:

      You will want to do further research…. we are a different Raass family. At this time I am unable to find any correlation between our families. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist… it just hasn’t been found yet. 🙂

      • Mounga:

        Lol yeah we are related. Hahaha cause my great grandmother mepos parents.were henry and loseli. My grandpa is Peni Raass Holakeituai Which Is The Son Of Takai And Mepo

        • Lisa:

          Hello! I have seen your family’s names while researching, but they still do not fit into my Raass tree as of yet. My Henry married Elisabeth Degenfelder who died in 1880, and he died in 1894, never leaving the Detroit area.

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