The Raass family has always seemed so tragic to me as they had quite a few deaths in a very short time.  They family immigrated from Austria, Joseph arriving first in 1849.  Anna arrived later with their 4 children.  Their daughter Wilhelmina (Mina) married August Schulte who was a German immigrant and arrived in the United States as a young child.  (I intend to add more information here with documents, etc.)

Raass Life Spouse Father Mother
Albert 1855 – 1873 Never Married Joseph Raass Anna Conrad


Albert 1875 – 1971 Augusta Ziegelman Henry Raass Elisabeth Degenfelder


Clinton Reed 1908 -1933 Never Married Albert Raass Augusta Ziegelman


Henry 1849 – 1894 Elisabeth Degenfelder Joseph Raass Anna Conrad


Joseph 1815 – 1884 Anna Conrad  


Magdalena 1846 – 1928 Charles Rischert Joseph Raass Anna Conrad


Maria Elisabeth 1880 – 1960 John Archibald Allen Henry Raass Elisabeth Degenfelder


Wilhelmina 1.) August Schulte
2.) Henry Birklebach
Joseph Raass Anna Conrad 
Wilhelmina 1877 – ? Andrew Fisher Henry Raass Elisabeth Degenfelder