BERGMANN Edward – 1917, born in Detroit, Michigan 101 years ago to Henry Bergmann & Julia SOIK.

BITTLES Hannah – 1880, married William BROUILLET in Lemont, Illinois 138 years ago.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

DARGA Joseph Jr. – 1978, died in Alpena, Michigan 40 years ago when he was 70 years old.  (son of Joseph Darga & Martha Hincka)

GRUBBA Clara – 1972, died in Detroit, Michigan 46 years ago when she was 85 years old.  (daughter of John Grubba & Marianna Ostrowski)

HALLMAN David – 1986, died in Superior, Michigan 32 years ago when he was 69 years old.  (son of Anthony Hallman & Clara Syzmanski)

KESSLER Anna (Thomas) – 1958, died in Detroit, Michigan 60 years ago when she was 82 years old.  (daughter of William Kessler & Philomena Hengstebeck)

KLEPACZYK family – 1873, arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Weser.

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