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BITTLES Evelyn – 1907, born in O’Fallon, Illinois 110 years ago to Joseph Bittles & Jeanette TITTER.

CIESINSKI Gertrude – 1911, born in Detroit, Michigan 106 years ago to August Ciesinski & Frances BYDLOWSKA.

DARGA Joseph – 1878, born in Posen, Michigan 139 years ago.  (husband of Martha HINCKA, great-grandaunt)

GOHR Bridget – 1888, born in Detroit, Michigan 129 years ago to Frank Gohr & Bridget ZIENTARSKI.

HINCKA Blanche (Stimpson) – 1960, died in Saginaw, Michigan 57 years ago when she was 41 years old.

LISKA Evelyn – 1915, born in Detroit, Michigan 102 years ago to Anton Liska & Clara PIOSKOWSKI.

OSTROWSKI Charlotte – 1914, born in Detroit, Michigan 103 years ago to Anthony Ostroske & Emma RUHLMAN.

SINYARD Margaret – 1888, born in Lemont, Illinois 129 years ago to Frank Sinyard & Mary Ann BITTLES.  (great-grandaunt)

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