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Spotlight Sunday – John Kwart (Quart)

Name:  Johann Kwart (Quart)

Birthday:  about 1818

Parents:  unknown

Siblings:  unknown

Relationship:  married 1.) Eva Boyke, 9 children – 4 daughters living
2.) Rosalie Bolde, 6 children – 5 sons living

Hometown:  Oslanin, Prussia

Immigration:  1876 aboard “Celtic”

Last Known Residence:  Detroit, Michigan

Education:  not able to read or write

Occupation:  farmer in Prussia, laborer in Detroit

Church:  St. Albertus Catholic Church, Detroit, Michigan

Death: November 19, 1891 – age 73, meningitis

Cemetery:  Mt. Elliott Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan – single grave

Relationship to Me:  3rd great-grandfather

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