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Name:  Johann Kwart (Quart)

Birthday:  about 1818

Parents:  unknown

Siblings:  unknown

Relationship:  married 1.) Eva Boyke, 9 children – 4 daughters living
2.) Rosalie Bolde, 6 children – 5 sons living

Hometown:  Oslanin, Prussia

Immigration:  1876 aboard “Celtic”

Last Known Residence:  Detroit, Michigan

Education:  not able to read or write

Occupation:  farmer in Prussia, laborer in Detroit

Church:  St. Albertus Catholic Church, Detroit, Michigan

Death: November 19, 1891 – age 73, meningitis

Cemetery:  Mt. Elliott Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan – single grave

Relationship to Me:  3rd great-grandfather

If you have information on any of these people or if you would like more information, please contact me!

Rosa Bolde Kwart died April 10, 1909 in Detroit, Michigan of heart disease at 75 years of age.  She was the 2nd wife of John Kwart, and she is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.  (wife of 3rd great-grandfather)