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BRADY Hazel – 1901, born in Logan, Kansas 117 years ago to Sherman Brady & Lillian JACKSON.

CIESINSKI Frances – 1919, born in Detroit, Michigan 99 years ago to August Ciesinski & Frances BYDLOWSKI.

ESPER Joseph – 1940, died in Detroit, Michigan 78 years ago when he was 73 years old.  (husband of Helena RINKE)

FISHER Ethel – 1928, married Adolph SCHUNKE in Highland Park, Michigan 90 years ago.  (daughter of Andrew Fisher & Wilhelmina Raass)

Goulet Catherine nee MELLON – 1999, died in Bay County, Michigan 19 years ago when she was 79 years old.  (wife of Raymond GOULET)

HALLMAN Elisabeth – 1873, born in Prussia 145 years ago to Anton Hallman & Henrietta KREFT.  (great-grandaunt)

JARZOMBEK Aloysius – 1976, died in Detroit, Michigan 42 years ago when he was 72 years old.  (husband of Rita HINTZKE)

KWART Christina – 1914, born in Putzig, Prussia 204 years ago to Jacob Kwart & Catherina HADASS.  (possible relation of John Kwart)

LENNEMANN John – 1849, born in Westphalia, Michigan 169 years ago to Frank Lennemann & Elisabeth SCHULTE.

MODRZEJEWSKI Chester – 2005, died in Bushnell, Florida 13 years ago when he was 78 years old.  (son of Alexander Modrejewski & Anna Ostrowski)

RADLICKI Michael – 1909, died in Detroit, Michigan 109 years ago when he was 38 years old.  (husband of Frances KUTTNY)

SINYARD Eleanor – 1932, born in Lemont, Illinois 86 years ago to John Sinyard Jr. & Elsie HART.

WILLEY Mary – 1861, born in Will County, Illinois 157 years ago to Thomas Willey & Sarah GARLICK.

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