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BITTLES Mary (Randle) – 1945, died in Belleville, Illinois 73 years ago when she was 51 years old.  (daughter of Joseph Bittles & Jeanette Titter)

COX Mary (Calvert) – 1968, died in Butte, Montana 50 years ago when she was 77 years old.  (daughter of John Cox & Jennie Bittles)

HAMMANG Gertrude – 1862, born in Wisconsin 156 years ago to Nicholas Hammang & Catherina ASSMAN.

HINCKA Pauline – 1922, born in Rogers City, Michigan 96 years ago to Joseph Hincka & Frances SOIK.

Hintzke Helen nee STROMINSKI – 1989, died in Detroit, Michigan 29 years ago at 89 years old.  (wife of Frank HINTZKE)

KRABBE Kenneth – 1992, died in Bay City, Michigan 26 years ago when he was 77 years old.  (husband of Ruth CHESNEY)

OLDFIELD Jesse – 1984, died in Lemont, Illinois 34 years ago when he was 77 years old.  (son of Charles Oldfield & Rose Sinyard)

Ostrowski Constantia nee DREYER – 1889, died in Detroit, Michigan 129 years ago at 67 years old.  (wife of Joseph OSTROWSKI, 3rd great-granduncle)

PETERSON Arthur – 1927, born in Detroit, Michigan 91 years ago to Charles Peterson & Theresa LACHOVSKI.

SOIK Anna – 1890, born in Posen, Michigan 128 years ago to Anthony Soik & Anna DETTLOFF.

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