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Spotlight Sunday – Ann Garlick Davison

Name:  Ann Garlick

Birthday:  October 25, 1843

Parents:  Joshua Garlick & Mary Downes

Siblings:  Hannah, Mary, Wright, Eliza, Thomas & Sarah

Relationship:  married to John Davison, mother of 2 known children

Hometown:  England

Immigration:  1848 aboard the Forfarshire

Last Known Residence:  Chicago, Illinois

Education:  able to read and write

Death:  September 25, 1922 of bronchitis at age 78 years.

Cemetery:  Lockport Cemetery

Relationship to Me:  3rd great-grandaunt

If you have information on her, or if you would like more information, please contact me!

Sympathy Saturday – Ann Garlick Davison

Ann Garlick was born in England to the Joshua Garlick and Mary Downes.  She is their youngest child.  She married John Davison, and at the time of  her death she was a widow.  They had at least 2 children and are buried in Lockport, Will, Illinois.  (3rd great-grandaunt)