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On This Day … 21 April

ALEKS Helen (Bluedorn) – 2004, died in Florida 14 years ago when she was 81 years old.  (daughter of Anthony Aleks & Mary Ciesinski)

BITTLES Elizabeth (Barnes) – 1951, died in Will County, Illinois 67 years ago when she was 84 years old.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

BRANDT Helena – 1868, married Carl RINKE in Detroit, Michigan 150 years ago.  (widow of Francis SCHULTE, 3rd great-granduncle)

HAMMANG Antoinette – 1910, born Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 108 years ago to Germain Hammang & Mathilda WAGNER.

HAYES Ella (Reardon) – 1918, died in Joliet, Illinois 100 years ago when she was 22 years old.  (great-grandaunt)

KARSCHNIA Frances (Susalla) – 1963, died in Bad Axe, Michigan 55 years ago at 83 years old.  (wife of John OSTROWSKI, 2nd great-grandfather)

KULKA Frederick – 1934, married Bessie CLARK in Detroit, Michigan 84 years ago.  (son of John Kulka & Coletta Kessler)

OSTROWSKI Edward – 1946, died in Saint Petersburg, Florida 72 years ago when he was 40 years old.  (great-granduncle)

SCHULTE Vivian – 1920, married George GIBSON in Detroit, Michigan 98 years ago.  (daughter of Albert Schulte & Marguerite Power)

SINYARD William – 1869, born in Michigan 149 years ago to John Sinyard & Eliza GARLICK.  (2nd great-granduncle)

Syrowik Virginia nee ZUZGA – 1993, died in Livonia, Michigan 25 years ago when she was 67 years old.  (wife of Leonard SYROWIK)

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On This Day … 9 April

ASMAN Clarence – 1921, married Frances ANDREWS in Detroit, Michigan 97 years ago.  (son of Charles Asman & Lillian Graham)

BITTLES James III – 1948, married Helen COFFIN in Cook County, Illinois 70 years ago.  (son of James Bittles & Bertha Pierce)

BITTLES Robert – 1929, born in O’Fallon, Illinois 89 years ago to Leslie Bittles & Clara VOEGELI.

CALVERT Ralph – 1921, born in Silver Bow, Montana 97 years ago to Raymond Calvert & Mary COX.

HAMMANG Joseph – 1887, born in Northfield, Minnesota 131 years ago to Henry Hammang & Katherine WINTER.

HOENINGHAUSEN Royal – 1884, born in Detroit, Michigan 134 years ago to Emil Hoeninghausen & Anna WESTPHAL.

KRUG Reuel – 1985, died in Los Angeles, California 33 years ago when he was 83 years old.  (husband of Dorothy KESSLER)

OSTROWSKI Edward – 1906, born in Detroit, Michigan 112 years ago to John Ostrowski & Frances KARSCHNIA.  (great-granduncle)

RISCHERT Blanche – 1900, born in Michigan 118 years ago to Charles Rischert Jr. & Blanche MYERS.

STRATTON Jacqueline – 1928, born in Detroit, Michigan 90 years ago to William Stratton & Martha SOIK.

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