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BROWN Joseph – 1933, born in Chicago, Illinois 85 years ago to John Brown & Maria SPIX.

DETTLOFF John – 1885, born in Detroit, Michigan 133 years ago to John Dettloff & Elisabeth DOMBROWSKY.

FLOOD Bertram – 2003, died in Oakland County, Michigan 15 years ago when he was 96 years old.  (husband of Evelyn RISCHERT, daughter of Charles Rischert & Ida Lawrence)

KESSLER William – 1929, died in Detroit, Michigan 89 years ago when he was 72 years old.  (2nd great-granduncle)

Oldfield Genevieve nee ROBERTS – 2002, died in Downers Grove, Illinois 16 years ago when she was 86 years old.  (wife of Gordon OLDFIELD)

OSTROWSKI Angelo – 1936, born in Detroit, Michigan 82 years ago to Alexander Ostrowski & Josephine BIANCHETTA.

Raass Loseli nee FANGAPULOTU – 1952, died in Tonga 66 years ago when she was 66 years old.  (wife of Albert RAASS, possible relation)

REID Elizabeth – 1882, born in Lemont, Illinois 136 years ago to Thomas Reid & Ann Jane BARNES.

SCHULTE Lawrence – 1910, born in Detroit, Michigan 108 years ago to Edward Schulte & Julia HATZENBUHLER.

STACHURSKI Stanley – 1974, died in Corunna, Michigan 44 years ago when he was 88 years old.  (husband of Martha KWART)

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Bittles Elizabeth nee REID – 1862, died in Lemont, Illinois 156 years ago.  (wife of James BITTLES, 3rd great-granduncle)

BITTLES John – 1867, born in Lemont, Illinois 151 years ago to Samuel Bittles & Lydia HODGES.

BROSSMAN Rose – 1890, born in Wheatland, Illinois 128 years ago to Jeremiah Brossman & Mary DAVISON.

BRUEGGEMANN Joannes – 1818, born in Westphalia, Prussia 200 years ago to Franz Brueggemann & Catherina ASSMANN.

DAVISON Julia (Found) – 1924, died in Chicago, Illinois 94 years ago when she was 59 years old.

DURECKI Harry – 1998, died in Rogers City, Michigan 20 years ago when he was 74 years old.

GARLICK Louis – 1879, married Maria PENDERGAST in Will County, Illinois 139 years ago.

GARLICK Mary – 1883, born  in Lemont, Illinois 135 years ago to Thomas Garlick & Eliza CLARK.

HAMMANG Paul – 1863, died during the Civil War in Stafford County, Virginia 155 years ago when he was 22 years old.

LACHOVSKI Joseph Jr. – 1864, born in Prussia 154 years ago to Joseph Lachovski & Elizabeth KUNATH.  (2nd great-granduncle)

MACK Clarence – 1930, born in Dupage, Illinois 88 years ago to Clarence Mack & Mabel OLDFIELD.

OLDFIELD Cora – 1892, born in Downers Grove, Illinois 126 years ago to Charles Oldfield & Rose SINYARD.

PORZONDEK Joseph – 1906, married Mary SCHUMBORGBACH in Detroit, Michigan 112 years ago.

SCHULTE Eleanor – 1916, married Lloyd RENAUD in Detroit, Michigan 102 years ago.

SCHULTE Therese – 1838, born in Germany 180 years ago to Frank Schulte & Elisabeth FORTH.  (3rd great-grandaunt)

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