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ASMAN Anna – 1887, married Thomas McDONAGH in Detroit, Michigan 131 years ago.  (daughter of John Asman & Mary Stitts)

BARNES Ann – 1858, born in Lemont, Illinois 160 years ago to John Barnes & Margaret REID.

Chesney Vivian nee LOFQUIST – 1995, died in San Diego, California 23 years ago when she was 71 years old.  (wife of Melburn CHESNEY)

DUNLAP George – 1885, born in Lockport, Illinois 133 years ago to Eugene Dunlap & Mary Jennie WILLEY.  (grandson of Thomas Willey & Sarah Garlick)

HINCKA Franz – 1850, born in Prussia 168 years ago to Anton Hincka & Marianna HILDEBRANDT.  (2nd great-grandfather)

HINCKA Matilda – 1930, married Alfred HECK in Pontiac, Michigan 88 years ago.  (daughter of Joseph Hincka & Frances Soik)

HOENINGHAUSEN Clara – 1901, married Louis MUELLER in Detroit, Michigan 117 years ago.  (daughter of Theodore Hoeninghausen & Pauline Knickbein)

KESSLER Isabella (Deitch) – 1973, died in Detroit, Michigan 45 years ago when she was 92 years old.  (daughter of John Kessler & Catherine Clemens)

Livermore Florence nee HILL – 2005, died in Detroit, Michigan 13 years ago when she was 88 years old.  (wife of Russell LIVERMORE)

MATTIE John – 1908, died in Detroit, Michigan 110 years ago when he was 44 years old.  (husband of Annie CIESINSKI)

SOIK Helen – 1923, married William MOORE in Detroit, Michigan 95 years ago.  (daughter of Anthony Soik & Anna Dettloff)

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