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ASCHMANN Anna Mary – 1925, born in Germany 191 years ago to Mathias Aschmann & Elisabeth SCHNEIDER.  (3rd great-grandmother -m)

HENSKI Richard – 1933, born in Presque Isle, Michigan 83 years ago to Joseph Hincka & Joanna ROMEL.  (2nd cousin 1x removed -p)

HINSKY Mary – 1883, born in Detroit, Michigan 133 years ago to John Hinsky & Mary GESZKY.  (1st cousin 3x removed -p)

HOENINGHAUSEN Amanda – 1878, born in Detroit, Michigan 138 years ago to Joseph Hoeninghausen & Hattie KNICKBEIN.  (2nd cousin 3x removed -m)

HUETTEMAN Francis – 1907, born in Detroit, Michigan 109 years ago to Francis HUETTEMAN & Rosa SCHULTE.  (2nd cousin 3x removed -m)

KWART Joseph – 1895, married Frances KOZNIACKI in Detroit, Michigan 121 years ago.  (2nd great-granduncle -p)

ORZEL Gerald – 1937, born in Detroit, Michigan 79 years ago to August Orzel & Mary HALLMAN.  (1st cousin 1x removed -p)

PETERSON Joseph – 1942, married Bernice EPPLEY in East Detroit, Michigan 74 years ago.  (2nd cousin 2x removed -m)

SYZMANSKI Clara – 1894, born in Metz, Michigan 122 years ago.  (wife of Anthony HALLMAN, great-granduncle -p)

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