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On This Day … 27 August

1876 – Frederick Mogk was born 136 years ago in Detroit, Michigan.  (husband of Charlotte Hoeninghausen, 2nd cousin 3x removed)

1881 –  Lillian & Rose Rischert were born in Detroit, Michigan 131 years ago to Charles Rischert & Magdelina Raass.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

1883 – John Hallman was born in Metz, Michigan 129 years ago to Anton Hallman & Catherine Kwart.  (great-granduncle)

1900 – August Orzel was born in Michigan 112 years ago.  (husband of Mary Hallman, greataunt)

1922 – Harry Hallman was born in Michigan 90 years ago to Joseph Hallman & Dorothy Durecki.  (1st cousin 2x removed)

1932 – Eliza Clark Garlick died 80 years ago in Lockport, Illinois.  She was 81 years old.  (wife of Thomas Garlick, 3rd great-granduncle)

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On This Day … 30 June

1890 – Mary Garlick Hopkinson died 122 years ago in Lockport, Illinois.  She was 66 years old.  (3rd great-grandaunt)

1925 – Philip Pisula (23) married Elizabeth Klepaczyk (23) in Detroit, Michigan 87 years ago.

If you have information about any of these people or if you would like more information, please contact me!

Spotlight Sunday – Ann Garlick Davison

Name:  Ann Garlick

Birthday:  October 25, 1843

Parents:  Joshua Garlick & Mary Downes

Siblings:  Hannah, Mary, Wright, Eliza, Thomas & Sarah

Relationship:  married to John Davison, mother of 2 known children

Hometown:  England

Immigration:  1848 aboard the Forfarshire

Last Known Residence:  Chicago, Illinois

Education:  able to read and write

Death:  September 25, 1922 of bronchitis at age 78 years.

Cemetery:  Lockport Cemetery

Relationship to Me:  3rd great-grandaunt

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Sympathy Saturday – Ann Garlick Davison

Ann Garlick was born in England to the Joshua Garlick and Mary Downes.  She is their youngest child.  She married John Davison, and at the time of  her death she was a widow.  They had at least 2 children and are buried in Lockport, Will, Illinois.  (3rd great-grandaunt)

Tombstone Tuesday – Sinyard (Illinois)

The Sinyard family rests in Cass Cemetery in Downer’s Grove, Illinois.  There is the main family stone with 4 stones along side of it.  Two of the stones belong to the two wives of John Sinyard.  Eliza Garlick died in 1875.  John then married Esther who died in 1914.  Della, the young daughter of John and Eliza died in 1869 and rests next to Esther.  John himself died in 1918 and rests next to his beloved wife, Eliza.

Spotlight Sunday – John Franklin Sinyard

Name:  John Franklin Sinyard

Birthday:  about 1859

Parents:  John B. Sinyard & Eliza Garlick

Relationship:  Married to Mary Ann Bittles, father of 5 children.

Children:  Stewart, Margaret, John, Mary & Edward.

Hometown:  born in Michigan

Last Known Residence:  Lemont, Illinois

Education:  able to read and write

Occupation:  Quarry Laborer

Death:  after 1894.  He does not appear in the 1900 census with his family, though Mary is still listed as “married.”  In the 1910 census Mary is listed as a widow.

Cemetery:  Unknown

Relationship to Me:   2nd great-grandfather

Spotlight Sunday – Joshua Garlick

Name:  Joshua Garlick

Birthday:  March 27, 1799

Parents:  Joshua Garlick & Hannah Stafford

Relationship: Married to Mary Downes, father of 9 children.

Children:  Hannah, Mary, Robert, Wright, Eliza, Eliza (Sinyard), Thomas, Sarah & Ann.

Hometown:  Glossop, Derbyshire, England

Current Residence:  Lockport, Illinois

Church:  Saint Mary’s-Independent, Glossop, England

Immigration:  July 5, 1842 aboard the Monmouth from Liverpool

Education:  Unable to read or write

Occupation:  Farmer

Death:  Between 1850 & 1860

Cemetery:  A cemetery somewhere in Lockport, Illinois

Relationship to me:  4th great-grandfather