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BITTLES Jane – 1887, married John COX in Iron County, Missouri 129 years ago.  (1st cousin 4x removed -p)

BOYKE Joseph – 1982, died in San Bernadino, California 34 years ago when he was 76 years old.  (2nd cousin 2x removed -p)

DARGA Joseph – 1950, died in Presque Isle, Michigan 66 years ago when he was 71 years old.  (husband of Martha HINCKA, great-grandaunt -p)

DARGA Paul – 1937, born in Alpena, Michigan 79 years ago to Philip Darga & Martha HINCKA.  (2nd cousin 1x removed -p)

HINCKA Lillian – 1929, born in Presque Isle, Michigan 87 years ago to Frank Hincka & Regina ROMEL.  (2nd cousin 1x removed -p)

KWART Leonard – 1907, born in Detroit, Michigan 109 years ago to Joseph Kwart & Frances KOZNIACKI.  (1st cousin 3x removed -p)

STIMPSON John – 1982, died in Saginaw, Michigan 34 years ago when he was 67 years old.  (husband of Blanche HINCKA, 1st cousin 2x removed -p)

STROECKER Monroe – 1970, died in Port Charlotte, Florida 46 years ago at 73 years ago.  (husband of Edna HOENINGHAUSEN, 2nd cousin 3x removed -m)

VITALI Josephine – 1876, born in Palermo, Italy 140 years ago.  (wife of Vincenzo DiBENEDETTO)

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