HILDEBRANDT Elizabeth (Prain) – 1938, died in Detroit, Michigan 79 years ago when she was 73 years old.

HILDEBRANDT John – 1881, born in Detroit, Michigan 136 years ago to Frank Hildebrandt & Mary BASTUBA.

KWART Cecelia (Jozwiak) – 1986, died in Warren, Michigan 31 years ago when she was 81 years old.

KWART Juliana – 1859, born in Putzig, Prussia 158 years ago to Johann Kwart & Eva BOYKE.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

LACHOVSKI Arthur – 1911, born in Detroit, Michigan 106 years ago to Joseph Lachovski & Genevieve Clement.

RAASS Wilhelmina – 1844, born in Austria 173 years ago to Joseph Raass & Anna CONRAD.  (3rd great-grandmother)

SCHUMACHER Frank – 1911, married Mary MEYER in Detroit, Michigan 106 years ago.

SINYARD Elizabeth – 1820, married Jacob MICHAEL in Lincolnshire, England 197 years ago.  (4th great-grandaunt)

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