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Hammang Katherine WINTER – 1911, died in Northfield, Minnesota 106 years ago at 49 years old.  (wife of Henry HAMMANG, 1st cousin 4x removed)

HINCKA Susanna (Darga) – 1930, died in Detroit, Michigan 87 years ago when she was 76 years old.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

HOENINGHAUSEN Leverette – 1889, born in Detroit, Michigan 128 years ago to Theodore Hoeninghausen & Jennie ROSS.  (2nd cousin 3x removed)

HOWER Clinton – 1936, died in Fort Snelling, Minnesota 81 years ago when he was 49 years old.  (2nd cousin 3x removed)

MACK Clarence – 1991, died 26 years ago when he was 90 years old.  (husband of Mabel OLDFIELD, 1st cousin 3x removed)

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