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Name:  Elisabeth Lachowski (Lachovsky / Lachowska, etc)

Birthday:  about 1867

Parents:  Joseph Lachowski & Elisabeth Kunath

Siblings:  August, John & Joseph

Relationship:  married to John Ostrowski, mother of 7 children

Children:  Joseph, John, Anthony, Lillian, Marie, George & baby boy

Hometown:  Prussia Germany

Immigration:  1875 aboard “Cimbria” from Hamburg

Last Known Residence:  Detroit, Michigan

Education:  unable to read or write

Occupation:  worked as a tailoress in 1880

Church:  St. Albertus Church –  Detroit, Michigan

Death:  August 28, 1897 in childbirth delivering a stillborn son, 30 years old

Cemetery:  Mt. Elliott Cemetery, Detroit Michigan

Relationship to Me:  2nd great-grandmother

Name:  Johann Anton Ostrowski

Birthday:  February 11, 1861

Parents:  Anton Ostrowski & Josephina Kuttni

Relationship:  Married to Elisabeth Lachowski in 1885, father of 7 children, 3 dying as infants.
Married to Frances Karschina in 1898, father of 10 children, 6 dying as infants.

Hometown:  Westpreußen, Preußen, Germany

Immigration:  about 1868, naturalized citizen by 1910, though in 1920 he states his citizenship is still pending

Last Known Residence:  Detroit, Michigan

Education:  able to read, write and speak English

Occupation:  Tailor

Church:  St. Albertus Catholic Church

Death:  November 16, 1926 of a diabetic coma.

Cemetery:  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

Relationship to Me:  2nd great-grandfather