ASMAN Patricia – 1924, born in Port Huron, Michigan 94 years ago to George Asman & Mildred OMMERIE.

BARNES Harriet – 1891, born in Lemont, Illinois 127 years ago to Charles Barnes & Elisabeth GALE.

CHESNEY Cornelius – 1920, born in Merritt, Michigan 98 years ago to Frank Chesney & Rosalia REDER.

HAMMER William – 1944, died in Detroit, Michigan 74 years ago when he was 56 years old.  (husband of Eulalia KESSLER)

MORAN Thomas – 1926, born in Chicago, Illinois 92 years ago to Thomas Moran & Lillian SCHOBER.

OSTROWSKI Mamie (Velger) – 1976, died in Orange County, California 42 years ago when she was 81 years old.  (great-grandaunt)

SCRIMSHAW Paul – 1878, died in Lincolnshire, England 140 years ago when he 20 years old.  (son of Peter Scrimshaw & Betsey Sinyard)

Sinyard Hannah nee KIRK – 1851, buried in North Somercoates, England 167 years ago when she was 80 years old.  (5th great-grandmother)

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