BARNES Ann (Reid) – 1937, died in Lemont, Illinois 81 years ago when she was 79 years old.  (daughter of John Barnes & Margaret Reid, step-daughter of James Bittles)

BRADY Opal (Allen) – 1988, died 30 years ago when she was 90 years old.  (daughter of Sherman Brady & Lillian Jackson)

BROWN Harlan – 1903, died in Detroit, Michigan 115 years ago when he was 35 years old.  (husband of Wilhelmina RISCHERT)

BROWN Loretta (Canning) – 2006, died in Lemont, Illinios 12 years ago when she was 79 years old.  (daughter of Joseph Brown & Margaret Sinyard)

CHAPPA Anna – 1916, born in Posen, Michigan 102 years ago to Anthony Chappa & Mary KOSS.

Chesney Emma nee VAN HOOF – 1978, died in Bay City, Michigan 40 years ago when she was 84 years old.  (wife of Leo CHESNEY)

CHESNEY Rosa – 1880, born in Bay County, Michigan 138 years ago to Frank Chesney & Louisa SCHROEDER.

CHESNEY Sister Ann Cornelia -1978, died in Grand Rapids, Michigan 40 years ago when she 91 years old.  (daughter of Frank Chesney & Mary Bruier)

DETTLOFF Susanne (Czappa) – 1882, died in Posen, Michigan 136 years ago when she was 29 years old.  (2nd great-grandaunt, daughter of Anton Dettloff & Constantia Klein)

DOMBROWSKY Maria Julianna – 1855, baptized in Putzig, Prussia 163 years ago.  (daughter of Anton Dombrowsky & Constantia Boyke)

HILDEBRANDT John – 1874, born in Detroit, Michigan 144 years ago to Joseph Hildebrandt & Maria LIPKE.

KLEPACZYK Anthony – 1922, died in Detroit, Michigan 96 years ago when he was 49 years old.  (son of John Klepaczyk & Marianna Kozlowska)

RAASS Irene – 1939, married Jack KLOUSTIN in Steuben, Indiana 79 years ago.  (daughter of Albert Raass & Augusta Ziegelman)

RINKE Mary – 1904, married Charles HYDE in Detroit, Michigan 114 years ago.  (daughter of Charles Rinke & Helena Brandt)

STUMP Mary Catherine – 1872, born in Westphalia, Michigan 146 years ago to William Stump & Margaret LENNEMANN.

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