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DEGENFELDER Ida – 1872, born in Lucas, Ohio 146 years ago to Michael Degenfelder & Josepha SCHREIN.  (sister of Eliza Degenfelder Raass)

DETTLOFF Mary (Gnasder) – 1968, died in Detroit, Michigan 50 years ago when she was 86 years old.  (daughter of John Dettloff & Elizabeth Dombrowsky)

FISHER Ethel – 1905, born in Lincoln, Michigan 113 years ago to Andrew Fisher & Wilhelmina RAASS.

KESSLER Christopher – 1821, born in St. Vith, Germany 197 years ago to Nikolaus & Petronilla Kessler.  (3rd great-grandfather)

KOLAR Joseph Sr – 1896, died in Detroit, Michigan 122 years ago when he was 81 years old.

KWART Julia – 1902, born in Detroit, Michigan 116 years ago to John Kwart Jr. & Martha KRAUS.

OSTROWSKI Lorraine – 1936, married Frederick BROWN in East Detroit, Michigan 82 years ago.  (daughter of Anthony Ostrowski & Emma Ruhlman)

REBANT Anthony – 1914, died in Detroit, Michigan 104 years ago when he was 35 years old.  (son of Anthony Rebant & Elizabeth Ostrowski)

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