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Sylvester Hayes died of tuberculosis at 53 years old.  He was an Irish immigrant, and married his wife in Ohio before ending up in Illinois.  His wife Mary died 2 months after him, supposedly of the same thing, and left 8 children orphaned.  The oldest son, William, took care of his younger siblings.  Sylvester rests in an unmarked resting spot in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Joliet, Illinois.

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Rosa Bolde Kwart died April 10, 1909 in Detroit, Michigan of heart disease at 75 years of age.  She was the 2nd wife of John Kwart, and she is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.  (wife of 3rd great-grandfather)




Name:  Johann Anton Ostrowski

Birthday:  February 11, 1861

Parents:  Anton Ostrowski & Josephina Kuttni

Relationship:  Married to Elisabeth Lachowski in 1885, father of 7 children, 3 dying as infants.
Married to Frances Karschina in 1898, father of 10 children, 6 dying as infants.

Hometown:  Westpreußen, Preußen, Germany

Immigration:  about 1868, naturalized citizen by 1910, though in 1920 he states his citizenship is still pending

Last Known Residence:  Detroit, Michigan

Education:  able to read, write and speak English

Occupation:  Tailor

Church:  St. Albertus Catholic Church

Death:  November 16, 1926 of a diabetic coma.

Cemetery:  Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Michigan

Relationship to Me:  2nd great-grandfather

She was born in Putzig, Prussia, and on her baptism register her parents are recorded Lorenz Kuttni & Marianna Meyer.  She was the oldest of 7 children, and married Anton Ostrowski when she was 33 years old.  She immigrated with him and their children about 1868, and the family shows up on the Detroit 1870 census.  She was the mother of 4 children, and she is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan.  Her son John married Elisabeth Lachowski in 1885.