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GARLICK David – 1880, born in Joliet, Illinois 138 years ago to Louis Garlick & Maria PENDERGAST.

GARLICK Hannah – 1822, born in England 196 years ago to Joshua Garlick & Mary DOWNES.  (3rd great-grandaunt)

HAYES Rosella – 1904, born in Joliet, Illinois 114 years ago to William Hayes & Elizabeth REILLY.

KESSLER Walter – 1928, died in Detroit, Michigan 90 years ago when he was 36 years old.

KWART Lavern – 1952, married Virginia NUFER in Detroit, Michigan 66 years ago.

LEPPEK Celia – 1914, born in Detroit, Michigan 104 years ago to David Leppek & Mary LISKA.

Oldfield Lily LARSON – 1989, died in Santa Clara, California 29 years ago when she was 93 years old.  (wife of Charles OLDFIELD)

SINYARD Elizabeth – 1857, born in Cook County, Illinois 161 years ago to John Sinyard & Eliza GARLICK.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

SINYARD Rose – 1887, married Charles OLDFIELD in DuPage, Illinois 131 years ago.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

VELGER Mildred – 1920, born in Detroit, Michigan 98 years ago to Roy Velger & Mamie OSTROWSKI.

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