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1863 – Frank HEARTT was born in DuPage, Illinois 153 years ago.  (husband of Eva SINYARD, 2nd great-grandaunt -p)

1864 – John OSTROWSKI was born in Putzig, Prussia 152 years ago to Martin Ostrowski & Elizabeth KOLPE.  (1st cousin 4x removed -m)

1890 – John SCHULTE (24) married Elizabeth WEBER (27) in Detroit, Michigan 126 years ago.  (1st cousin 4x removed -m)

1894 – Mary MEYER was born in Hungary 122 years ago.  (wife of Frank SCHUMACHER)

1894 – John NEY was born in Hungary 122 years ago to Joseph Ney & Elizabeth SCHUMACHER.

1897 – Sister Angela (Therese) SCHULTE died 119 years ago in Baltimore, Maryland at 59 years old.  (3rd great-grandaunt -m)

1905 – Walter HINCKA was born 111 years ago in Presque Isle, Michigan to Anthony Hincka & Cecelia STRZELECKI.  (1st cousin 2x removed -p)

1920 – Russel KLINKHAMMER was born 96 years ago in Detroit, Michigan to Anthony Klinkhammer & Clementine KESSLER.  (2nd cousin 2x removed -m)

1939 – Virgina SCHULTE (20) married Chester SMELSER (149) in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan 77 years ago.  (2nd cousin 2x removed -m)

1950 – Donald GIBSON (21) married Grace GARDNER (19) in Detroit, Michigan 66 years ago.  (2nd cousin 2x removed -m)

1997 – Helen HALLMAN Shooshanian died 19 years ago when she was 74 years old.  (2nd cousin 1x removed -p)

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