Tuffield Tye appeared in the Agricultural Census taken on June 11, 1880 in Buel, Sanilac, Michigan.  I have not had the opportunity to find a clear copy of what all the headings read, but here is just a bit of what is recorded.

  • 3 acres of buckwheat or 17 bushels
  • 7 acres of wheat or 69 bushels
  • 250 lbs of butter made in 1879
  • 2 swine on hand… couldn’t read what it said about his cattle other than 1 had been slaughtered and 3 calves dropped

He is the owner of the farm that is worth $2500… $2500 dollars in 1880 had the same buying power as 54,000 current dollars.

The image is reduced.  If you are interested in the full-size, please email me!


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