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Tuffield Tye (50) married Sarah Golledge (17) in Lexington, Michigan 3.5 months after his wife married died.   Ann & John Golledge, both of Lexington, were witnesses to the marriage performed by Minister H.H. Smith.

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Name:  Abraham Adelbert Knight

Birthday:  July 18, 1863

Parents:  Benjamin Knight & Asenath Hotchkiss

Siblings:  Mary, Sarah, Emma, William & John

Relationship:  married to Clara Doughty, father of 4 children

Hometown:  Genesee County, Michigan

Last Known Residence:  Alpena County, Michigan

Education:  able to read and write

Occupation:  farmer

Death:  September 26, 1905, suddenly

Cemetery:  Greely Cemetery, Alpena, Michigan

Relationship to Michael:  2nd great-grandfather

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Isaac Ross died of old age on September 1, 1902 at 80 years of age in Kawkawlin, Bay County, Michigan.  It is unclear exactly when he was born as different documentations states different dates.  We do that he was born in England, and his father is John Ross.  Thought the family is a bit challenging to research as Ross is a very common name, Isaac lived his life as a farmer enjoying his wife Margaret and their 12 children first in Canada and later in Michigan.  (3rd great-grandfather)

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David Booth (32) married Sarah Welsh (22) on June 12, 1878 in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada.  Witnesses to the marriage were William Welsh & Elizabeth King.  (3rd great-granduncle)

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Name:  Joseph Booth

Birthday:  January 11, 1804

Parents:  Joseph Booth (mother not known)

Siblings:  unknown

Relationship:  married to Maria, father of 10 sons & 1 daughter

Hometown:  Yorkshire, England

Immigration: by 1861

Last Known Residence:  Lambton County, Ontario, Canada

Occupation:  farmer

Religion:  W. Methodist

Death:  January 28, 1893

Cemetery:  Zion United Cemetery, Canada

Relationship to Michael:  4th great-grandfather

Edward Booth died at 76 years of age of heart disease.  He was the 2nd born child of Joseph & Maria.  Born in England, the family came to reside in Lambton County, Ontario, Canada.  Some travelled further to Alpena, Michigan, and some remained in Canada.  Edward remained in Canada, and he is buried in Zion United Cemetery.

George Tye married Jane Drake on September 14, 1889 in Harrisville, Alcona, Michigan.  They were married by Justice F.A. Buds.  (clicking on the image makes it larger)

Name:  Sarah Sharpe

Birthday: about 1818

Parents:  Samuel Sharpe & Charity Crabbe (still researching)

Relationship:  married to Nehemiah Flewelling, mother of 11 children

Hometown:  New Brunswick, Canada

Immigration:  about 1863

Last Known Residence:  St. Clair County, Michigan

Education:  not able to read or write

Church:  Baptist

Death:  February 24(?), 1892

Cemetery:  Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron, Michigan

Relationship to Michael:  4th great-grandmother

Sarah Ann Smith Doughty (yes the name is spelled wrong on the death certificate) died July 28, 1906 of apoplexy at 71 years of age in Alpena, Michigan.  Apoplexy is a stroke.  Sarah died a widow in the county house, which I have not yet researched but am going to guess is the poor house.  Sarah rests in Evergreen Cemetery in Alpena.  (3rd great-grandmother)


Maria Ross (16) & Anthony Lapan (24) married on April 30, 1891 in West Bay City, Bay, Michigan.  They were married by a Catholic priest, J.B. Schrinko, and witnesses were Richard Gaborian and Mary Gordon.  (clicking on the photo makes it larger.)

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