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ABARE Levi – 1913, born in East Montpelier, Vermont 104 years ago to George Abare & Louise BLAIN.

AUBAIN Eveline – 1891, born in Quebec, Canada 126 years ago to Olivier Aubain & Marceline LAPAN.

BARNS Isabella – 1843, born in Toronto, Canada 174 years ago.  (wife of Edward BOOTH, 3rd great-granduncle)

BIDDLECOMB John – 1860, born in England 157 years ago.  (husband of Minne Belle HAWLEY, 2nd great-grandaunt)

BRYCE Sarah (Smith) – 1943, died in Detroit, Michigan 74 years ago when she was 43 years old.

ENGLISH Charles – 1933, died in Detroit, Michigan 84 years ago when he was 87 years old.  (2nd great-grandfather)

GARDNER Henry – 1897, married Leana PARDEE in Caseville, Michigan 120 years ago.

HALL Thelma – 1919, born in Saginaw, Michigan 98 years ago to Cecil Hall & Amanda HAWLEY.

HAWLEY Mary Ann – 1877, born in Long Rapids, Michigan 140 years ago to William Hawley & Sarah HEALEY.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

LAPAN Velina – 1911, born in Linwood, Michigan 106 years ago to Alfred Lapan & Josephine CLUCKEY.

MANYEN Alfred – 1890, born in Kawkawlin, Michigan 127 years ago to Herman Magnan & Matilda LAPAN.

Ross Irene nee CHROGE – 1973, died in Escanaba, Michigan 44 years ago when she was 61 years old.  (wife of Floyd ROSS)

TRACEY Albert – 1969, died in Alpena, Michigan 48 years ago when he was 69 years old.  (husband of Dora DOUGHTY)

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Booth Mary Ann nee THOMAS – 1910, died in Ontario, Canada 107 years ago when she was 71 years old.  (wife of James BOOTH, 3rd great-granduncle)

CARDINAL Joseph – 1930, died in Ontario, Canada 87 years ago when he was 49 years old.  (husband of Lea BENSON, 1st cousin 4x removed)

DORAN Chester – 1994, died in Saginaw, Michigan 23 years ago when he was 72 years old.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

FLEWELLING Thomas – 1907, married Eulaila KING in Washburn, Maine 110 years ago.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

GYNAC Philip – 1939, died 78 years ago when he was 62 years old.  (husband of Sophia LAPAN, 3rd great-grandaunt)

HAWLEY Norman – 1957, died in Saginaw, Michigan 60 years ago when he was 34 years old.  (1st cousin 2x removed)

LAFLEURE Donald – 1945, born in Mt. Clemens, Michigan 72 years ago to Lawrence & Jean LaFleure.  (1st cousin 1x removed)

LAPAN Agnes (Green) – 1918, married James BRADLEY in Detroit, Michigan 99 years ago.  (2nd great-grandaunt)

MANYEN Alfred – 1982, died in Bay County, Michigan 35 years ago when he was 91 years old.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

MOORE Lawrence – 1918, born in Alcona, Michigan 99 years ago to James Moore & Mary Jane BENSON.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

PETERSON James Kirby – 1897, born in Wisconsin 120 years ago to John Peterson & Hattie FLEWELLING.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

ROBERTS Charles – 1994, died in Sacramento, California 23 years ago when he was 92 years old.  (husband of Beulah PIERCY, 1st cousin 3x removed)

THOMPSON Keith – 1984, died in Port Huron, Michigan 33 years ago when he was 62 years old.  (2nd cousin 2x removed)

TYE Grace – 1918, born in Saint Joseph, Missouri 99 years ago to William Tye & Ellen Penuita LAMBERT.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

If you know anything about these people or if you would like more information, please contact me!