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1861 – William BENSON (34) married Margaret SPRAGG (17) in Ontario, Canada 153 years ago.  (3rd great-grandparents -m)

1872 – Robert FLEWELLING was born in New Brunswick, Canada 142 years ago to Jeremiah Flewelling & Josephine ALLEN.  (1st cousin 4x removed -m)

1874 – Mary GOLLEDGE was born in Buel, Michigan 140 years ago to Thomas Golledge & Delmary TYE.  (1st cousin 3x removed -m)

1887 – Clara GRAVES was born in Oscoda, Michigan 127 years ago to John Graves & Delmary TYE.  (1st cousin 3x removed -m)

1890 – Frederick ABARE was born in East Montpelier, Vermont 124 years ago to Barnabe Abare & Delia DUPREY.  (1st cousin 4x removed -p)

1911 – Franklin ALL died 103 years ago in Green, Michigan at 23 years old.  (1st cousin 3x removed -m)

1921 – Phillip MAY died 93 years ago in Detroit, Michigan at 64 years old.  (husband of Elizabeth FLEWELLING, 2nd great-grandaunt -m)

If you have information about any of these people or if you would like more information, please contact me!

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