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Name:  Abraham Adelbert Knight

Birthday:  July 18, 1863

Parents:  Benjamin Knight & Asenath Hotchkiss

Siblings:  Mary, Sarah, Emma, William & John

Relationship:  married to Clara Doughty, father of 4 children

Hometown:  Genesee County, Michigan

Last Known Residence:  Alpena County, Michigan

Education:  able to read and write

Occupation:  farmer

Death:  September 26, 1905, suddenly

Cemetery:  Greely Cemetery, Alpena, Michigan

Relationship to Michael:  2nd great-grandfather

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Name:  A.C. Hotchkiss (Hoskiss)  It is believed her name is Asenath Cornelia, though on one document she appears as “Marianna.”

Birthday:  about 1831

Parents:  Currently unknown

Relationship:  Married to Benjamin Knight, mother of 6 children

Hometown:  Ohio

Last Known Residence:  Richfield, Genesee, Michigan

Education:  able to read and write

Occupation:  Farmer’s wife & mother

Death:  between 1880 & 1891

Relationship to Michael:  3rd great-grandmother