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BOWER Caroline – 1852, born in Rochester, New York 165 years ago.  (wife of Ernest ENGLISH, possible relation)

BRYCE James – 1894, born in Alpena, Michigan 123 years ago to John Bryce & Elizabeth FLEWELLING.  (2nd cousin 3x removed)

ENGLISH William – 1997, died in Oakland county, Michigan 20 years ago when he was 73 years old.  (granduncle)

FLEWELLING Edward – 1931, died in Dearborn, Michigan 86 years ago when he was 43 years old.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

GARDNER Jerry – 1893, born in Sanilac, Michigan 124 years ago to Jeremiah Gardner & Flora May SWITZER.  (2nd cousin 3x removed)

HAWLEY Earl – 1933, married Ruth GOODRICH in Lachine, Michigan 84 years ago.  (2nd cousin 2x removed)

LAPAN Rosalie (Belair) – 1933, died in Manchester, New Hampshire 84 years ago when she was 79 years old.  (3rd great-grandaunt)

McKAY John – 1935, died in Grand Traverse, Michigan 82 years ago when he was 81 years old.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

PETERSON Herman Jr. – 1976, died in Alpena, Michigan 41 years ago when he was 49 years old.  (1st cousin 2x removed)

RANSOM Robert – 1905, died in Ontario, Canada 112 years ago when he was 85 years old.  (husband of Nancy BENSON, 4th great-grandaunt)

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