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AUBAIN William – 1988, died in St. Albans, Vermont 29 years ago when he was 86 years old.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

BENSON James – 1879, born in Ontario, Canada 138 years old to Anthony Benson & Angelique MONDOUX.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

GOHL Guy – 1888, born in Alpena, Michigan 129 years ago.  (husband of Sarah HAWLEY, great aunt)

GOSDEN Lucy – 1874, married Robert WORDEN in Worth Township, Michigan 143 years ago.  (wife of Levi GARDNER, 3rd great-granduncle)

HEACOCK  Ella – 1922, born in Sandusky, Michigan 95 years ago to Lonson Heacock & Luella GARDNER.  (2nd cousin 3x removed)

KINNEE Edna (Porrett) – 1941, died in Port Huron, Michigan 76 years ago when she was 57  years old.  (1st cousin 4x removed)

LAPAN Samuel – 1973, died 44 years ago when he was 44 years old.  (1st cousin 2x removed)

OSTROM Mabel – 1925, married Charles SHERMAN in Alpena, Michigan 92 years ago.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

PIERCY Ree – 1900, born in DeKalb, Missouri 117 years ago to John Piercy & Annie TYE.  (1st cousin 3x removed)

Tye Jane DRAKE – 1907, died in Ontario, Canada 110 years ago when she was 33 years old.  (wife of George TYE, 2nd great-granduncle)

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