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Name:  Sarah Sharpe

Birthday: about 1818

Parents:  Samuel Sharpe & Charity Crabbe (still researching)

Relationship:  married to Nehemiah Flewelling, mother of 11 children

Hometown:  New Brunswick, Canada

Immigration:  about 1863

Last Known Residence:  St. Clair County, Michigan

Education:  not able to read or write

Church:  Baptist

Death:  February 24(?), 1892

Cemetery:  Lakeside Cemetery, Port Huron, Michigan

Relationship to Michael:  4th great-grandmother

Ruth Elliott was born in New Brunswick, Canada to John & Ann Elliott.  She married Abel Flewelling in 1856, and they had 8 children.  By 1864 the family immigrated to Port Huron, Michigan.  She died in 1903 and is buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Port Huron, Michigan.  Her resting place is marked, but the other 3 family members buried with her are unmarked.  (3rd great-grandmother)

This is one of the Flewelling resting places.  There are 8 people resting here, including Sarah Sharpe (Nehemiah’s wife) and 2 vacant spots.  The slabs have been washed cleaned, and it is unknown whose grave they marked or where.   This resting place is in Lakeside Cemetery in Port Huron, Michigan.  I felt a bit sad visiting there as it is so stark compared to the other resting places surrounding it.