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Catherine Boire was born in Quebec, Canada and the wife of Toussaint Hebert (Abare).  The couple resided in New York, and it appears they had 13 children together until Toussaint died in 1872.  Catherine moved to Michigan with her daughter Harriet and her husband, Richard Lapan.  She died in the wee hours of February 22, 1914 and rests in St. Anne’s Cemetery in Bay County, Michigan.  (4th great-grandmother)

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Name:  Touissant Hébert (Abare)

Birthday:  September 6, 1820

Parents:  Charles Abare (Hebert) & Celeste Gaboury, 6 siblings

Relationship:  married to Catherine Boire, father of 13 children

Hometown:  Quebec, Canada

Immigration: between by 1840, naturalized citizen

Last Known Residence:  Altona, Clinton, New York

Education:  not able to read or write

Occupation:  farmer

Church:  St. Joseph-du-Corbeau’s Church

Death:  1872

Cemetery:  St. Ann’s Cemetery

Relationship to Michael:  4th great-grandfather

Harriet Hébert was born about 1850 in Clinton County, New York to Toussaint Hébert and Catherine Boire.  She married Richard Lapan when she was 16 years old in Quebec, and the details become murky at that point.  She appears next in 1880 in Bay County, Michigan with her husband and their children.  She died from diabetes in the town of Fraser, and she is buried in the Saint Anne Catholic Cemetery in Linwood, Bay County, Michigan with other family members.  The photograph you see comes from Find-A-Grave so I am unaware of where in the cemetery they are located.