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ABARE Cora (Dolan) – 1962, died in Hillsborough, New Hampshire 55 years ago when she was 85 years old.

ABARE Louisa – 1895, born in Fairfax, Vermont 122 years ago to Israel Abare & Julia PELKEY.

BOOTH Margaret – 1785, born in Yorkshire, England 232 years ago to James Booth & Elizabeth STABLER.  (5th great-grandaunt)

COVENTRY Mildred – 1906, born in Ontario, Canada 111 years ago to Roy Coventry & Clara GRAVES.

ENGLISH Theodore – 1922, married Mary POLAKOWSKA in Hamtramck, Michigan 95 years ago.

FENWICK Jennie – 1898, born in Bay County, Michigan 119 years ago to Thomas Fenwick & Elizabeth ROSS.

FLEWELLING Eva – 1888, born in Woodland, Maine 129 years ago to Jeremiah Flewelling & Josephine ALLEN.

LAFLEURE Lawrence – 1899, born in Black River, Michigan 118 years ago to Henry LaFleur & BENSON.  (great-grandfather)

LAPAN Adaline – 1875, born in Lucas, Ohio 142 years ago to Anthony Lapan & Matilda FOURNIER.

LAPAN Sophie – 1905, married Philip GYNAE in Linwood, Michigan 112 years ago.  (3rd great-grandaunt)

OGDEN Violet (Harrington-Dorey) – 1961, died in Washington 56 years ago when she was 75 years old.

PARRISH Orville – 1997, died in St. Clair County, Michigan 20 years ago at 82 years old.  (husband of Ethel FLEWELLING)

ROSS Floyd – 1910, born in Delta County, Michigan 107 years ago to Henry Ross & Eva BANNISTER.

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