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Name:  Josephine Tye

Birthday:  December 1870

Parents:  Tuffield Tye & Mary Gardner

Siblings:  8 siblings, 9 half-siblings

Relationship:  married to Isaac Booth, mother of 10 children

Hometown:  Buel, Sanilac, Michigan

Last Known Residence:  Presque Isle, Michigan

Education:  educated, able to read and write

Death:  December 11, 1934, at 64 years of age

Cemetery:  Memorial Park Cemetery – Presque Isle, Michigan

Relationship to Michael:  2nd great-grandmother

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Tuffield Tye (50) married Sarah Golledge (17) in Lexington, Michigan 3.5 months after his wife married died.   Ann & John Golledge, both of Lexington, were witnesses to the marriage performed by Minister H.H. Smith.

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George Tye married Jane Drake on September 14, 1889 in Harrisville, Alcona, Michigan.  They were married by Justice F.A. Buds.  (clicking on the image makes it larger)

Isaac Booth & Josephine Tye Booth rest in  Memorial Park Cemetery in Rogers City, Presque Isle, Michigan.  (They are Michael’s 2nd great-grandparents.)

Isaac E. Booth died in the cold, winter afternoon of December 31, 1910 at 7 months old.  He was the 9th child born to Ephraim Booth & Josephine Tye of Ossineke, Alpena, Michigan, and he suffered acute indigestion and hemorrhaging of the lungs.  He is buried in Wilson Cemetery.  He is Michael’s great-granduncle. (clicking on the image makes it larger.)


Margarette McKay was born in Canada on October 14, 1841 to Peter McKay and Margaret Carpenter.  She married Isaac Booth, and they had 8 children.  They immigrated to Alpena, Michigan between 1876 – 1879 where Isaac died shortly after.  Their son Isaac Ephraim Booth married Josephine Tye in 1887.  She married again, and was a housewife.  She died in 1918 at the age of 76 years.  She is buried in King Settlement Cemetery in Wilson, Alpena, Michigan.

Tuffield Tye appeared in the Agricultural Census taken on June 11, 1880 in Buel, Sanilac, Michigan.  I have not had the opportunity to find a clear copy of what all the headings read, but here is just a bit of what is recorded.

  • 3 acres of buckwheat or 17 bushels
  • 7 acres of wheat or 69 bushels
  • 250 lbs of butter made in 1879
  • 2 swine on hand… couldn’t read what it said about his cattle other than 1 had been slaughtered and 3 calves dropped

He is the owner of the farm that is worth $2500… $2500 dollars in 1880 had the same buying power as 54,000 current dollars.

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